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  Management - Runs programs and projects funded by government agencies at the center or functional unit level. Management positions may be generalist leading an organization or specialist leading a dedicated function or group.

  Scientific - Includes researchers, observation specialists, operational support and project based positions.

  Engineering - Includes specialist positions across the range of engineering domains engaged in the design and development of astronomical facilities and systems.

  Administrative - Provides administrative support to the operation of the center, for example, human resources, financial, facilities, outreach or generic based positions.

  Technical - Positions supporting and developing the informational technology infrastructure.

current job ad listing
Job No. Title Location Organization Posted Date
18-0048 Project Manager Tucson, AZ AURA 4/6/2018

18-0039 Financial Planning & Analyst Manager Baltimore, MD STScI 3/14/2018

18-0006 Engineering Manager Baltimore, MD STScI 1/8/2018

17-0276 CAS Finance Deputy Tucson, AZ AURA 12/28/2017

17-0188 Project Manager Tucson, AZ NOAO 9/20/2017
18-0049 Science Operations Specialist Hilo, HI Gemini 4/10/2018

17-0226 Astronomy Outreach Specialist Tucson, AZ LSST 4/5/2018

18-0014 Data Reduction Specialist Tucson, AZ NOAO 2/7/2018

17-0277 Post Doctoral Tucson, AZ NOAO 12/22/2017

17-0228 Education & Outreach Scientist Baltimore, MD STScI 11/1/2017

17-0220 Assistant Scientist Tucson, AZ NOAO 10/30/2017

17-0193 Assistant Scientist Tucson, AZ NOAO 9/21/2017

17-0131 Adaptive Optics Research Associate Boulder, CO NSO DKIST 6/22/2017
18-0047 IT&C Programmable Logic Control Engineer Maui, HI NSO DKIST 4/6/2018

18-0037 Observatory Simulations Engineer, JWST Baltimore, MD STScI 3/15/2018

18-0020 Software Test Engineer Baltimore, MD STScI 2/21/2018

18-0007 Software Engineers Baltimore, MD STScI 1/24/2018

18-0001 Electrical Engineer La Serena, Chile NOAO 1/12/2018

17-0274 Engineering Leadership Opportunities Baltimore, MD STScI 12/27/2017

17-0257 Systems Engineer Maui, HI NSO DKIST 11/15/2017

17-0195 Software Systems Engineer Tucson, AZ NOAO 9/25/2017

17-0183 Optical Integration Engineer Maui, HI NSO DKIST 8/28/2017
18-0046 Part-Time Driver Tucson, AZ NOAO 4/5/2018

18-0034 Administrative Assistant, Lead Baltimore, MD STScI 3/8/2018
18-0050 Desktop Support Specialist Boulder, CO NSO 4/12/2018

18-0051 Systems Engineering Student Assistant Tucson, AZ LSST 4/11/2018

18-0040 Help Desk Analyst II La Serena, Chile LSST 3/28/2018

18-0022 Senior Graphic Designer Baltimore, MD STScI 3/1/2018

18-0023 Web Developer Baltimore, MD STScI 3/1/2018

18-0026 Scientific Programmer/Software Engineer La Serena, Chile NOAO 2/27/2018

18-0017 Senior Systems Administrator Tucson, AZ NOAO 2/19/2018

17-0265 Senior Electronic Integration Technician La Serena, Chile LSST 11/29/2017

16-0318 Thermal Systems Tech - Welder/Fitter Maui, HI NSO DKIST 11/8/2017

17-0195 Software Systems Engineer Tucson, AZ NOAO 9/20/2017

AURA, as a leader in the astronomical community, develops and supports programs that advance our organizational commitment to diversity, broadens participation, and encourages the advancement of diversity throughout the astronomical scientific workforce.

AURA is committed to the people that support our mission to advance astronomy and related sciences. We are deeply invested in developing and improving our policies and practices to create a welcoming and productive work environment. AURA believes that a diverse workforce, particularly one that includes women and individuals from under-represented minority groups, contributes to excellence both in our organization and in the scientific community as a whole.

AURA is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer. AURA seeks to create and maintain a diverse workforce which includes women, under-represented minorities, protected veterans and individuals with disabilities in all position classifications. AURA’s recruiting and hiring practices are designed to attract a broadly diverse pool of candidates including underrepresented applicants. When a vacancy occurs, AURA will hire the most qualified person from among the fully qualified applicants meeting AURA goals and clearly defined program needs while endeavoring to develop and maintain a diverse work force where women, underrepresented minorities, protected veterans and individuals with disabilities staff are proportionately represented.

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As an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer, AURA does not discriminate because of race, sex, color, age, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, lawful political affiliations, veteran status, disability, and/or any other legally protected status under applicable federal, state, and local equal opportunity laws.